Govt. Lic. No. 820/066/067
Regd No. 58268/065/066
Nile One of the trusted and reliable manpower recruting companies in Nepal

International Manpower Agency Pvt. Ltd.


Nepal has been widely recognized and admired for the honesty, warm hospitality and bravery of the
Nepalese people. In this regard, the Nile International Manpower Agency Pvt. Ltd. stands tall in placing
the right man at the right place, which we consider as one of the many reasons for our success.
The objective of this company is clear and specific. We believe in meeting the demands of the employing
companies abroad by sending professionals, skilled and trained young people. We go through an
intelligent selection procedure without making any compromises to ensure that the youths we send are
genuinely trained, assiduous, sincere, honest and painstaking.
That is not all. One of our objectives is to address the unemployment problem of the country and to boost
the national economy. We, in this company, are always prepared to accept all challenges, to overcome all
sort of obstacles and difficulties with the purpose of providing prompt services to those aspirants.
Nile International Manpower Agency Pvt. Ltd. stands tall among other overseas companies is always
prepared to lend its helping hands to those who are making efforts to enhance their living standard by
imparting correct and up-to-date information and assistance in an optimal way.

Why Nepalese Manpower?

The instant answer is: Nepalese are hardworking, painstaking, honest and competent. Besides, the hiring
cost of Nepalese manpower is lower as compared to other countries.
Reasons for the increasing demand of Nepalese workers:
• Nepalese workers are hard working, punctual, loyal and have high sense of responsibility and
• Wide choice of manpower due to availability of skilled, semi-skilled and unskilled workers almost in
all fields and vocations.
• Are readily available for immediate placement. Are cost-effective and the hiring cost is lower. Are
experienced in working in the extreme all types of climatic conditions.
• Are peace loving and loyal to their employers.
• Procedures and formalities are simple.